Financial Assistance To Students

STIPEND at the rate given in the table is tenable for total 10 months of the corresponding academic session which is paid to all the stipendiary candidates subjects to the following terms and conditions

  1. The students will be eligible for stipend when they have put 80% attendance in each month . In case a student has not recorded 80% attendance in a particular month, he has to forgo the stipend for that month.
  2. The students in receipt of stipend should execute a Bond in the form prescribed at the time of his admission.
  3. The students will be eligible for the grant of stipend for the whole session except for the period of absence as on vacation or leave with or without permission exceeding 30 days at a time.
S.No Class Share of Central Govt of India in Stipend (Rs) Share of Concerned state Govt . (Rs) Total amount of Stipend(Rs)
1 First Year 500 500 1000
2 Third & Fourth semester 550 550 1100
3 Fifth & Sixth semester 600 600 1200


  1. Every student shall attend all classes punctually.
  2. Attendance will be taken for every period. The minimum attendance in each lecture and practical classes in each subject is 75%. A student shall not be admitted to the examination if his/her attendance falls short of 75% of the working days during the course.
  3. Loitering in the campus during the study hours and unauthorised absence from the classes after giving the attendance shall call for strict disciplinary action, which may be in the shape of fine or suspension from the institute.
  4. Any student found loitering in the premises during class hours or absents from the class unauthorisedly after giving attendance shall be imposed upon a fine Rs.10/- for that period apart from any disciplinary action, as deemed fit by the Director (Institute).
  5. If a student retains his library book for than 10 days Rs. 25/- per day will be recovered from him as a fine.
  6. In case a student applies for issue of duplicate identity card, Rs.50/- will be charged for the same.